Indie Author Marketing Infrastructure: Three Things Every Independent Author Must Have for Self-Publishing Success

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Indie Author Marketing Infrastructure: Three Things Every Independent Author Must Have for Self-Publishing Success

Matthew Wayne Selznick
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Drawing on nearly two decades of experience and expertise coaching and mentoring new and upcoming independent authors, pioneering independent author, veteran self-publisher, and author services provider Matthew Wayne Selznick outlines the three essential elements all authors must establish before publishing your first book: your indie author infrastructure.


With a strong focus on building a life-long community of readers, friends, and fans around your work, Indie Author Marketing Infrastructure spells out the tools, services, and technology required and recommended, as well as the philosophy underlying the engine of connection that is your indie author marketing infrastructure.

From the Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • What You'll Learn
    • Why Listen to Me?
  • The Three Elements
    • Infrastructure: What Does it Mean?
    • Why Does it Matter?
    • What Are the Three Elements?
    • Your Website
      • Why You Need a Website
      • Your Domain Name
      • Your Host
      • Your Software
    • Your Mailing List
      • What Is a Mailing List
      • Why Do You Need a Mailing List Provider?
      • Your Most Important Asset
      • Bringing People into Your Community: The Value-Add
      • Choosing a Mailing List Service Provider
    • Your Social Media
      • A Necessary Evil
      • Create an Author Account
      • ...Go Where Your Readers Live
      • ...But Don't Be Everywhere
      • Social Media Serves You
  • Putting It All Together
  • Getting Help

Does some of that seem obvious? Indie Author Marketing Infrastructure goes beyond the rote common sense you'll hear in forums and user groups and gets to the why of it all... and, in many cases, why the lowest hanging fruit is not always the way to go.

You can spend scores of hours scouring blog posts, podcast episodes, YouTube videos, and books to learn about the essential elements of your indie author marketing infrastructure... you can spend hundreds of dollars for one-on-one consultation sessions with the author... why not take an afternoon to read through Indie Author Marketing Infrastructure and give your self-publishing career a foundation and head start that will put you months ahead of the game?

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E-Book in EPUB format.