Test Pressing -- An 18 Song Acoustic Collection

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Test Pressing -- An 18 Song Acoustic Collection

Matthew Wayne Selznick
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Test Pressing is a collection of eighteen original songs recorded live, direct to digital, at the lush and lavish studios of MWS Media in September of 2002. While the album was briefly available digitally many years ago, this edition is the first with highest-quality MP3, OGG, and FLAC files, as well as PDF lyrics sheets for each song -- 72 files in all!


Over the course of a couple of days in late 2002, I sat down in my office, went through my more than two hundred original songs, and recorded a dozen and a half. Only five of the eighteen had been previously committed to tape (or, in this case, hard drive) in any form.

The songs range from some of my earliest work (Bedwrinkle Dress, 1987) to songs that were almost new at the time (like Silver Age, written just a few weeks before). Some had been played in bands, but most were performed with just my acoustic guitar and my voice in coffeehouses and cafes all over southern California.

Stylistically, on Test Pressing you'll find pop songs, country songs, rockers, and, I reckon, even an anthem or two. I've heard some of these tunes make pretty nice earworms..!

Click here to listen to samples of each song.

What's With The Title?

"Test pressing" comes from the days when most music was produced on vinyl long-playing records.

A test pressing is a limited run of a record, created for quality control before the real record is released to the masses.

When I recorded these eighteen songs, I had been away from solo performing for some time, but I was thinking of getting back to it. The "test pressing" was for me: would these tunes hold up objectively if I heard them being played, rather than as the one playing them?

Preparing this new edition, thirteen years after making the record… I think they do. I hope you dig it!

Test Pressing includes eighteen songs, each in the highest quality MP3, OGG, and FLAC versions… as well as PDF lyrics sheets for each song so you can sing along! 

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