The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay

Matthew Wayne Selznick
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In this literary fantasy novelette, three exiled travelers, Kug, Agane, and Dennick, search for the healer who can cure Agane of a devastating illness.

But an unexpected development forces difficult choices. Can they face the consequences of the past in order to have any kind of future?

"The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay" is a character-driven, literary, low fantasy set in The Shaper's World, the original storyworld introduced in the novel Light of the Outsider. "The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay" includes characters featured in Light of the Outsider, but you don't have to have read that novel to enjoy this novelette... although your experience may be enhanced if you have.

"The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay" is a bridge story taking place between the first two volumes of the Outsider Trilogy:

The Outsider Trilogy introduces us to the Shaper's World, and sets the stage for a second trilogy, The Dominion Stone:

  • Thraal

  • Invasion

  • The Shaper of the World

What Is the Shaper's World?

The Shaper’s World is a fully-realized original fantasy setting in which three sentient hominid species struggle to peacefully co-exist… while encroaching forces from beyond reality threaten existence itself. You won’t find elves and orcs in the Shaper’s World, and it’s not your typical “Medieval Europe with funny names and some magic” setting, either. I built the Shaper’s World from the ground up. I think you’ll enjoy hanging out there.

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The Perfumed Air at Kwaanantag Bay

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